Wednesday, October 27

News from Ethiopia about G-boy

The Baus family who just happen to live in Raleigh are adopting 2 little ones from Ethiopia. . using the same agency we are. . and they are in Ethiopia right now!!!

We have not met face to face (yet!), but sweet Deb (the wife) did email me the night before they were leaving asking if I wanted her to take anything down to our son. She had heard about us thru a mutual friend and heard that our son was living at the same orphanage as her two kiddos were. . .only God could connect dots like this.

We did email her a letter with our picture on it to print out and take to G-boy. And Deb did just that.

And Deb just emailed me!!! From Ethiopia!!! Oh what a treasure!!! Here is Deb's email.

Hi Su-

We just got back to the capital last night from our LONG but incredible trip to *** . Our kids (yours and mine) are so awesome.

G-boy is one amazing kid. I gave him your letter and we have the whole thing on video of a translator explaining it to him. He LOVED it.

I also found out that he and our son are pretty tight! But from what we saw and were told, G-boy is really good with all the kids. I am going to try to attach a pic now but the connection here isn't the greatest.

Rest assured your son is in good hands. He is a happy, happy kid and the nannies there are really great. You can see how much they love the kids and visa versa.

We will get together when we get home and show you the video!!

We get back late on Oct 30-

I am in tears. Tears of hearing my son is happy. Tears of hearing that he loved our letter. Tears over having 2 pictures. . .treasures. . of our handsome son. He has a huge smile. Tears that Deb and her husband would love up on us like this. . I mean she is half way around the world meeting her two kiddos for the first time. I am sure she has much to process and take in. . and she took time to email me. . took time to video my son. . I am deeply touched by her love for us. . .and we have not even met face to face (yet!). I can't wait to have Deb and her hubby (I do not even know his name) over for dinner. I am going to have to hold myself back and give them a little time to unpack and recover from jetlag.

Oh what a sweet gift today!!


  1. oh what a sweet blessing! any news about our kids far away from us is so dear..but especially to hear your son is doing well, that he is happy, and to have pictures!!! I know you'll treasure those pics/the video and study them over and over. :)

  2. Praise God! thank you for sharing!

  3. I love this!!! Deb's husband's name is Jeremy! ;)

  4. The above note was from me/Amy if you couldn't figure that out. :)

  5. How amazing!!! So excited for you guys - those pics (and video!) are such a gift...

  6. I love that the two of you connected before they left. God does amazing things.

  7. That is so amazing, how special! Don't you just love God's sovereignty and goodness!? Thanks for sharing!

  8. What an amazing story! So sweet! I love how adoption unites families together!

  9. Tears of joy here too! God is AWESOME!!

  10. We are all praying for G-Boy, his safe trip home and the time when you are all together. We can't wait to meet the new addition to the Soutter family! Patience for all, but time is getting near...Deb certainly sounds special and I agree, how special to take so much time to think of you when she has so much going on herself. As always, thanks for sharing your story...our prayers are with you!

  11. We are so excited for you guys and look forward to hearing more about your little man. Praying for you from the other side of the world!!!
    Love from India!