Tuesday, October 26

Christmas Shopping For a Cause

Stacy over at the blog My Cup Overfloweth has this post where all those who are fundraising for their adoptions can share what they are selling.

Her heart is that as Christmas approaches, instead of going to the local Target to pick out a present for those on our list. . we would come to her blog and buy an item from a family that is in the process of bringing their kiddo home. . .and give that fundraising item as a gift.

Sounds like giving 2 gifts in 1 to me. . a gift to someone on your Christmas list and a gift to an orphan and his forever family.

I love that Stacy is doing this just to come alongside other adopting families. She and her hubby just recently came home with their new little one and saw the Lord provide and she wants to be a part of that for other families. Stacy is a momma of 6, 1 biological and 5 adopted!

I linked up my In This Home Paintings. Here is a recent one I just finished:
If you have some Christmas shopping to do, you may just want to click here to see all that is for sale; you just click on the little pictures at the bottom of Stacy's post. Look for the picture of my painting I linked up.


  1. I love this idea...will have to go check out her blog! Thanks for posting about this. :)

  2. Yes it's open till Nov. 3rd! Get 'er done girl...everyone loves your pictures!