Tuesday, November 16

News Friends that Only God Could Give

I am overwhelmed with God's blessings. . .that is brings me to tears and at times paralyzes me with awe. . .
Last week, we met Deb and Jeremy Baus face to face. Remember this post here, where I told you about Deb and Jeremy Baus and shared the email they sent us when they were in Ethiopia?

Deb and Jeremy are adopting two 20 month old kiddos from the same agency, same orphanage in Ethiopia as we are. And they live here in Raleigh, like 15 minutes away!!
And Deb and Jeremy came over last week to share dessert and coffee and conversation about Ethiopia and to show us video of G-boy. .. oh what an emotional night for me.

We were so deeply touched that this sweet couple took time out of their emotionally intense time in Ethiopia meeting their 2 youngins, going to court, taking in Ethiopia. . . to love up on our son, to give him a letter from us, to read the letter and have a translator translate it, to get it all on video tape, to explain to G that they live in the same town his adoptive mom and dad do. . to give him a hug and kisses. . .

I love watching the video. . G is handsome and is in the midst of all the action. On the video, he is not standing off to the side or against the wall. . he is right there with all the adoptive parents and the nannies and the babies.

Deb and Jeremy told us that G is soo cool and that G and their son, R are good buddies! G is 6 years old and loves R (20 mos.) to the point he picks him up and carries him around. And now they'll grow up together in Raleigh!! What a gift!! A gift to G, a gift to R, and gift to the Bauses, and a gift to us Soutters!! Really only God could orchestrate all this.

As many of you know, God did the same thing with Jonathan. . he and Abigail who shared a room at the orphanage in Guatemala and at one point were even crib mates are now both in Raleigh. We love the Crawfords: Abigail and Abigail's mom and dad and big brother. . Su and Abigail's mom just clicked and not just because they both adopted from Guatemala. . .only God. This relationship with the Crawfords is dear to us now, especially Su and we know that this relationship will be important to J as he grows older. We sense that God is doing something similar with us and the Baus family.

Really. . this is just like "icing on the already yummy cake". . God so did not have to do this. . but a little community of families here in Raleigh who have adopted from the same agency, same orphanage in Ethiopia as us? Only God. There is us, there is Deb and Jeremy, and then have I told you about the Watkins family (pictured above) who Su went to elementary school with the mom and they used to spend the night at each other's houses?? Well she and her husband and 4 kiddos. . live like 3 minutes from us. . .and they just brought home their Corrie from Ethiopia. Brooke and the Watkins' 2 older boys go to the same school. I am telling you only God connects dots like this.


  1. I am grinning from ear to ear! God is amazing and it's such a privilege to see Him show His tender love to you. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

  2. Seriously in tears. It's so cool how he provides for things we don't know that we want/need. Much love to ya'll and can't wait to "meet" G-boy on here soon :)

  3. Oh I love how He works!!! Beautiful!!!! He must really love you:)

    Lisa H.

  4. love how HE orchestrates all of this...and as much as we enjoy what He does...how much more does HE?!

  5. Hi! We are a YWAM Raleigh family too!! I am friends with Shannon Watkins and she and I were talking on the phone the other day about trying to get all the YWAM families together for a playdate. My daughter was also in ballet class with Abigail Crawford last year...small world! We are collecting our dossier documents and have our fingerprints scheduled in 2 weeks. Can't wait to know who our little one is!! Good luck as you continue on your journey!

  6. Knowing the Soutter fmaily as I do, you all deserve these wodnerful blessings. We cannot wait to meet G-Boy and you know how much my kids already love J-boy. thank you for sharing the love!

  7. Oh my goodness! Nothing like blog-stalking people you think are cool, to find yourself posted in rock-star fashion. hahahah!!

    It's our absolute joy and priviledge to be on the journey with you guys. We look forward to the continued adventure and to our God-ordained friendship. To HIM be the glory.