Friday, March 5

Are We Crazy?

I heard it again today, "Are you out of your mind?" As people have found out that we are adopting again and thus choosing to add another child to our family, choosing to raise 5 kids. . .I daily hear some version of "Are you crazy?"

I smile. I am not offended. We are crazy. Rob and I are crazy in love with each other, more so now that when we first got married 17 years ago. We are crazy in love with our four children who are now 12, 10, 9, and 3. And we are crazy in love with God who has changed our lives. And thus we want to be faithful to what we feel like He is calling us to do.

Crazy is a compliment. I see it as synonymous with "Wow, you take this God thing for real!" Or "You are a risk taker for Jesus, or a sacrificer for Jesus, or a servant of Jesus." And that is who I really want to be; I do not want to be a lukewarm, go to church, sing a few songs Christian. So when I hear, "Are you crazy" I smile!!

Oh, I mess up a lot. I am even a little embarrassed to write the above because God is so good and so perfect and so loving and I don't always represent Him well. At the same time, that is the heart of the Bible message. God takes plain ordinary broken people and invites them into a beautiful, adventurous, often crazy relationship.


  1. Su,
    Thank you so much for sending us your letter and allowing us to be a part of your journey! I am so excited about what God is doing in your lives, and truly delighted to see how God has been speaking to each member of your family. I am blessed by seeing your complete trust in the Lord, and by seeing your faith in action. I will commit to praying for you, Rob, and the rest of the Soutters.
    Joan Catena

  2. Hi Su,

    Thank you for your letter--I'm so happy to hear that you are adopting again! I wish you continued wisdom, confirmation, and blessing so that the addition of this child will bring all of you closer to God and to one another.