Wednesday, March 3


Perhaps you came to this lil' blog because we sent you a letter letting you know that we are adopting again or perhaps you came here thru my other blog The Intentional Home. . .or perhaps you just stumbled across it. Whatever the way. . welcome!!

There are 3 purposes of this blog:

1. to chronicle the story "only God could write" as we launch out to bring home our 5th child from Ethiopia.

We were witness to a beautiful story when we stepped out and began the journey to bring Jonathan home from Guatemala and I am sure I will share pieces of that story as we go along on this blog.

Jonathan aka J-boy is our 4th child. We have 4 kids right now, 3 biological and 1 adopted. Here we are:

I am Su. My husband is Rob. And the kids are Anna, David, Brooke, and J-boy.

So we know there is another beautiful story this time around. . .a different one this time around, but just as beautiful.

2. to keep friends and family in the loop as to where we are in the process and guesstimate how much longer til our son comes home

3, And one more. . to encourage those of you who stop by or stumble upon this lil' blog that God has a story that only He could write for YOU, too.

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  1. Hi Su,

    I work with Mary Fuller Sessoms and she shared your story with me! We brought home our (then) 7-year old son (also our fifth child - out of birth order) from Ethiopia in July 2008. I live in your area and would love to connect with you! Your story reminds me so much of ours. I'm so grateful the Lord wrote our story the way He did, as we've relied on it - on Him - as our firm foundation so many times when the going gets rough. Anyway ... I would love to connect with you. I believe Mary Fuller sent you my email address, but I thought I'd pop on here to invite you personally to use it! :-)

    Every blessing to you this day, and throughout your journey,
    Julie Armstrong

  2. Dear Su,

    Thank you for allowing us to participate in your journey through this blog. My heart is so 'with' the Soutters as you step out to do all that God has called you to do, and to receive all the blessings He will pour into your lives! I am so excited about watching the story unfold. You go God!!!


  3. wow...thanks so much for sharing! ethiopia has been on my heart for a long time. amazing how God keeps putting it in front of my face and reminding me:).

  4. OK, I really didn't think I could <3 you anymore than I already do, but OMG. My bff brought home their second son from Ethiopia March 2008. She chronicled their journey on a blog, I can send you the link through email if you want. Our church also has about 4-ish families who have or are in the process of adopting from there as well if you would in interested in a little NC Ethiopian community. I also have a friend who is beginning to pray about Ethiopia for their son so, I'll be sending her your blog. I will be going before the Lord for your sweet kiddo and your fam through this process!!! Alright, this is way long and I should just email you. I am so excited!

  5. Su~ I got your beautiful letter today, and cried with JOY!!! I am so happy for you all and this little boy is so lucky to be chosen to be in your family. You all are such a special blessing to so many. I can't wait to share in your journey. Please let me know what I can do to help!!

    Ashley Williams-Marble

  6. Family Soutters,

    I am delighted that you shared your story with us. I am glad we are friends and I am profoundly thankful that God put it on my heart to ask you guys over for hotdogs. I am glad to see how God is going to use us.

    We are so scrappy to know ya. That is not a misspelling either. Rock on guys. Rock on Jonathan. My boy loves you buddy.

    As you go through this process as a family, and as individuals, the adversary the devil will try to divide you from your goal, divide you from one another, and divide you from His Love. Count on that. But also count on Him. And count on Him to use His Church to protect you, always through the power of His holy spirit.

    Always count on Him. He will do more than you ever imagined. He already is doing more.

    Remember that Jesus Christ has broken down that dividing wall that the enemy is trying to place in front of your path. Now, we have been set free by the blood of Jesus Christ and now Christ dwells within us, the hope of Glory.

    You are a witness to me. I pray that I may somehow be a smidgen of a witness back to you. I am a complete clutz, but, I recognize the light of Christ in you, and I wanted to testify to that.

    Your brother in the Lord,


  7. loved learning some of your story! =)

  8. Hi Su - my husband tripped across your blog tonight and told me to check it out. So glad I did! Like you, we're in the process of a second adoption. Our twin sons are also from Guatemala, but we're in-process in El Salvador this time. And knowing it's going to be different, but just as great to see who God wants to join us here in our family.

    Looking forward to following your story!

  9. Kim-

    Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a oomment!If you are local (Raleigh, NC), email me. . we are part of a Central American playgroup and would love for you to be a part. Blessings on your adoption journey.