Sunday, July 18

Our Mailbox this June

Hang in there with me. My blog posts have not been as frequent as I would like. Oh there is much to share, and much going on in my head and heart, but the words just aren't there. . . yet.

But let me tell you about our mailbox in June.

For the LAST 2 weeks of June, our mailbox had nothing in it.

Oh, there was the flier for Rapid Fitness, a mailer advertising Capital Dental Care, an Oriental Trading Company Catalog, a letter from ATT wanting us to upgrade to a cable, dsl, phone package.

But really, every single piece of mail we received those last 2 weeks of June went straight into the recycle bin.

This is so funny. . this is so crazy. .this is so a God story. . .

because the FIRST 2 weeks of June our mailbox was constantly filled with blessings, with envelopes full of crazy love.

Those first 2 weeks of June, checks kept arriving in the mail.

Checks for In This Home paintings, some even written for more than the amount of the painting.

Checks for coupon classes that I teach.

Checks from old friends out of the blue saying they wanted to be a part of bringing home our next child.

It was crazy. Every single day for 2 weeks straight there were reminders of God's love in our mailbox. Every single day for the first 2 weeks of June, there was encouragement that God was writing this adoption story.

Little did we know that our fingerprint form would arrive from US Immigration 2 weeks earlier than expected. This US Immigration Form (171-H) is the last form needed to turn in a whole stack of papers (dossier) to Ethiopia.

$2200 is also required to be sent in too. We were not expecting this form to come until the end of June. . thus not needing the money until then.

But God knew and filled our mailbox with checks the 2 weeks prior to getting this form back.

The total of those checks was $2300. $2200 for the fee and $100 for shipping!!! Our God is good.

And then the checks stopped coming. June ended with 2 weeks of junk mail only. To us, the last 2 weeks of June were just as important as the first 2 weeks. It showed us once again that God is in control and He is the one bringing our son home.

I am linking up to Linny's blog party over at A Place Called Simplicity . She calls this party Memorial Box Monday.

As Linny says, "the purpose of each Memorial Box Monday post is to remind yourself and others of God's great faithfulness, His powerful provision and His Unexpected Gifts in each of our lives."
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