Thursday, October 7

Official Referral of G-boy!!

Last Friday, 10/1, we received the OFFICIAL referral of G-boy, a very handsome 6 year old with a big smile!! Wish we could put photos on the blog for you, but cannot due to Ethiopian govt. rules. We are thrilled to be one step closer to bringing our son home.

And yesterday we sent G-boy a package: new jeans, a long sleeve red and blue striped collared shirt, Spiderman underwear, a Hot Wheels truck, punching balloons, crayons and paper, and a laminated 5x7 picture of us. The director of our adoption agency is traveling to Ethiopia next week and will be able to hand deliver this package to G-boy and tell him he has a family!

We are in the midst of watching God provide the fee that is due upon signing the referral and mailing it back. God has wowed us daily. He has whispered that He loves G-boy more than we do and He will provide a way for G-boy to come home to his mom and dad, brothers, and sisters. God has called people to come alongside us in some abundant ways!

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