Tuesday, February 14

Most Recent Famiy Picture

This is the picture that will go on the last page of Daniel's lifebook (the scrapbook that tells the story of his journey to us):

And this is the letter that will go with that picture:

Dear Daniel,

It did not take a judge or a lawyer or an agency to tell us you were a Soutter. From the moment we first heard about you, we loved you and wanted you for our son. Even though children become part of a family in different ways, the end result is the same: they are a family and that child is loved bunches and bunches! Always remember, families are about how you feel on the inside, not how you look on the outside. Mommy made this book for you so that you would know your adoption story and know that we value every second of your life. Whenever you have questions or just want to talk, please come to us.

We love you so much-
Mom and Dad

Sidenote: Since Daniel has been home 7 months now, I am not updating this blog as often as I once was. I blog almost daily at The Intentional Home. Sure would love for you to visit me there.