Tuesday, May 3

Our Case Was Submitted!

We JUST heard that our case was submitted to the US Embassy today.

Sure would appreciate prayers that our case passes thru with no red flags. . that nothing needs to be investigated further. . and that we are simply assigned travel dates.

We should hear in a few days. Thursday is a holdiay in Ethiopia. . .Patriot's Victory Day and commemorates the liberation from Italian occupation by the Allied Forces during the East African Campaign of 1941. . . so perhaps we will hear something Friday or early next week.

For about a month now, we have been praying that God would give us a visa by May 15th, a date we feel like was placed in our hearts. From an earthly perspective, this is not very likely. From the other perspective, our God is the King of the Universe who can do anything.

Either way, we rejoice that we are one step closer to bringing our son home.


  1. WOOHOO!! I sure hope you are holding that precious boy of yours very soon!

  2. Yeah! Praying that you hear soon

  3. Praying! I love this picture of you and Galeta!

    Amy C.

  4. Praise God!!!

    Su, I just wanted to stop by and say...your comment on my blog was so sweet. Thank you for your kind words that I am so undeserving of. I love this adoption blog community and am always amazed at the new blogs I am finding. Your family is absolutely beautiful and your story is a testimony of our Saviors great, great love for us!

  5. sue. i was happy to hear of your news! this child has a glow about him. i can't explain it. he is special. i love you.