Friday, May 20

Galeta is Coming Home!!

On Sunday, May 29th we will board a plane and head to Ethiopia.

From Monday, May 30th on, Mommy, Daddy, and Galeta will finally be together!! Forever!

Here's a picture of Galeta that was taken just last week.

We have an Embassy date of Wed, June 1 where we apply for a visa. Our visa will be ready Friday, June 3 and we will leave for home. . all 3 of us that night.

Our plane lands on Sat, June 4 at 1:45pm. . .and that is when the real adventure begins!!

We are busy preparing for travel. . .I will be posting info on the blog. . prayer requests for when we travel. . need of items to take down to Ethiopia. . .info about meeting us at the airport, if you desire.

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More soon. Thanks for coming alongside us.


  1. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Congrats!!!

    I just opened my email and found new pic of Gudetu at the TC and thought this day couldn't get any better. BOY WAS I WRONG!!

    I am so happy, happy, happy for your family!!

    Godspeed and hug that sweet boy of your TIGHTLY for all of us who have been following with you in your journey.

  2. We are so excited for you guys! As we just begin to walk out this adoption journey it's thrilling to see others at the end of their journey.

    Many many blessings!!!

  3. oh goodness! so excited for you! praying you guys there and back! :)

  4. Hooray!! This is awesome news -- we'll be praying for a great trip and for sweet first days together with your boy.

  5. Tears of joy and hymns of praise! I am so happy for you ALL!

  6. Hallelujah thank you Jesus. Can't wait to see you THREE get off that plane!!