Monday, May 16

Galeta Gets a Letter from Us!!

We sent Galeta a few pictures and a letter. . . via a couple who is traveling this week to bring their son home. Here is Abdissa, our attorney showing Galeta the pictures and the letter, see it on the desk?

The letter read:

Dear Galeta-

We miss you. We pray for you everyday. We want to be with you.

There is still some paperwork that needs to be done and then we can come be with you. We are praying we get to be with you soon.

When we come to Ethiopia, we will spend a few days there and then Mommy, Daddy, and you will get on an airplane and fly to America.

We love you very much. We will always love you. We will take good care of you.

And then we put a picture of the 3 of us together when we were in Ethiopia,

and a picture of his 4 siblings telling him they were excited to play with him, and a picture of our van since last time we were there he was fascinated with vans and when we told him we had a van, he wanted to see it.

Please pray that we will be together forever soon.


  1. Oh how lovely!! He looks so excited about finally having a family. The pictures will give him something tangible while he waits for the real deal!!!

    Prayers for you!


  2. Oh, what a sweet sweet boy! And that family sure got great pictures. I hope you don't have to treasure them long-- hope instead you are on your way to holding your boy in your arms very very soon!

  3. you know I'm praying!
    LOVE how much Pastor Abdissa loves these kids he works to bring home.

  4. Abdissa is one of my favorite people in Ethiopia. He has a heart of gold.