Friday, November 19

Waiting for Phone Call & Pictures of G-boy

We excitedly await the phone call letting us know of our official court date in Ethiopia. This court hearing will mark the first of two trips we'll make to Africa. The first trip, we'll attend court and be appointed G-boy's legal parents. And at that time be able to share pictures on our blog of our handsome son. The second trip happens 6-8 weeks later and includes the visa appointment at the US Embassy in order to travel home with G-boy. We are eagerly awaiting the phone call letting us know when we will travel.
This morning, our agency emailed us 4 pictures of G-boy. That was the longest 1 min and 21 seconds ever. . waiting for the pictures to download. Along with the pictures was a note that said G-boy was so sweet to share his gifts from us with the other children. And that he loved the punch ball we sent! Oh what a treasure for this momma! Above is G-boy's sweet hand trying out his new punch ball.


  1. Officially my favorite post!! You are so creative. I would never have thought to crop it this way and make it post-able. I just know he's punching that ball and grinning from ear to beautiful ear. :>)

    Speaking of creative. I would like to order a Soutter original for my dining room! I walked into Shannon's play room last night and spotted your handy work. I didn't know we could special order? We'll be talking about this soon!

  2. Hi Su! I thought of you last weekend as I was watching an old movie. I don't know if you get TMC but they are showing a Cary Grant movie called room for one more. It is a story about how they take in two adolescents who have had a rough start in life and the blessings their family receives from these two kids. So if you ever have a spare moment it would be worth watching. The wife's philosophy is that there is always room for one more in there home. It touched my heart as I watched it and made me think of you! Hope you are having a great Christmas season. Thanks for all you do!

    Michaela Creasy