Tuesday, January 18

Prayer Cheat Sheet For When We Are in Ethiopia!

A girlfriend created a "prayer cheat sheet" for each day that we will be in Ethiopia. I thought I would attach it here. . it tells you what we are doing each day and some prayer points.

We have been feeling your prayers as we prepare and would sooooo appreciate prayer for us, for G-boy, and for Anna, David, Brooke, and Jonathan and for their caretakers while we are gone.

And if you missed it. . my girlfriend created the below prayer cheat sheet from this blog post here.

Thanks for coming alongside us-
Rob and Su

Please consider joining me in prayer for Rob and Su Soutter, and their 4 children as they prepare to bring the newest member of their family home from Ethiopia. This is the first of 2 trips Rob and Su will take to Ethiopia. G-boy (6 years old) will not come home with them this trip. This trip is where the court legally declares G-boy and the Soutters each others.



Pray For

1/20/11 -


18 hours of travel (Friday morning arrival) in Addis Ababa

Pray for safe and uneventful travel. Pray for the 4 children here at home. Pray for their caretakers.

1/22/11 -


10 hour drive to Nekemte YWAM Orphanage. Stay overnight here.

Pray Rob and Su do not get car sick on drive. Pray for restful night & energy for the next part of the journey.

1/23/11 -


2 hour drive to Gimbie YWAM Orphanage to meet G-boy for the first time. Spend day getting to know G-boy, visiting with his nannies, visiting the market, the 7th day Adventist Hospital and YWAM’s street ministry. Drive 2 hours back to Nekemte

Pray for their first meeting, for heart clicking between son and parents. Pray for wisdom, to hug or not to hug, to know what to say.

1/24/11 – Monday

Drive 10 hours back to Addis Ababa with G-boy.

Pray that G-boy is at peace, that he understands all that is happening, that he does not get car sick

1/24/11 – Monday Evening

Take G-boy to a new orphanage which will be his home until Rob and Su pick him up 8 – 12 weeks later. Rob and Su anticipate this to be the hardest part of the whole journey. How will they leave their newfound son in this place that he has never seen?

Pray for supernatural peace, for an understanding that Rob and Su will come back to take him home.

1/25/11/ - Tuesday

Visit with G-boy in his new orphanage, rest, and possibly look around Addis a little.

Pray for good fellowship between mom, dad and son.

1/26/11 - Wednesday

Court Day!! This is where G-boy will become officially our son and we will become officially his parents

Pray there will be no hiccups and they pass this day. There have been many cases that do not pass the first time thru and this delays bringing the child home, so pray that they pass this Wed. Pray that no additional paper work in needed. Pray for favor with the judge.

1/26/11 - Wednesday night

At 10:15pm, they leave to return to Raleigh. Rob and Su say, “I can't imagine how we will feel, probably excited to be done with this leg of the adoption journey, relieved to be headed home and excited to see our 4 kiddos, and heavy with the pain of leaving our newest son.”

Pray for uneventful travel. That Rob and Su are not delayed in getting home (for the sake of the caregivers, for the sake of Rob and Su and their 4 kiddos here). Pray for emotions, pray that they are able to process all that has happened, they have seen, etc.

1/27/11 – Thursday

After 24 hours of travel, they will arrive in Raleigh at 2:00 pm on Thursday, Jan 27th.

Pray over jet lag, culture shock, emotions. Pray Rob and Su are able to share with 4 kiddos all about Ethiopia and G-boy. Pray Rob and Su do not get sick upon their arrival home. Pray for 2nd trip to come soon.


  1. I will be praying! I sent a late "christmas card" full of formula "help", most likley for your next trip. If for some reason you don't get it by the time you get back, please let me know! Enjoy your time with G-boy!

  2. We will be praying! So excited that you are finally going.

  3. Printing out the prayer sheet right now - what a brilliant idea! So excited for you guys!!!!

  4. Su - You were really on my heart today for some reason and I just checked the blog and see you are traveling today! I'm so excited and will be in prayer for your time with G-boy and court dates. Can't wait to read all about it upon your return! Molly Beamon

  5. I know you are tired from your return today, but we need pictures people! and updates!