Wednesday, January 5

Help My Friend Change the World (It's Easy & Free!)

My friend Lisa is a world changer. She is a big dreamer, a woman of faith and a woman of social justice. She's the kind of woman I want to hang out with. She and her husband, David have 2 biological boys and 1 adopted girl (named Caroline) from Guatemala.

Lisa is also the Executive Director (as in she dreamed of and started!) of Caroline's Promise, a small non-profit located in North Carolina that seeks to reclaim hope for orphans in the US and worldwide. Here is Lisa with a child she sponsors in Guatemala:
Caroline's Promise gave us a grant for the adoption of our Jonathan. That is how Lisa's heart and my family's hearts initially connected. That was in 2006 and in 2008, Rob and Anna went on a missions trip to Guatemala with Lisa and a Caroline's Promise team. Here is my Anna sharing with a little girl that she is indeed a princess of the King:

Casita Adonai is a small private Christian school in a difficult area of Guatemala City, an area devastated by poverty, gangs, and lack of education. Lisa and Caroline's Promise are working with the local church in Guatemala to provide a safe, loving, quality education for some of the city's most vulnerable children. Many of them are orphans, living with grandparents or other family members. The rest of them live with their single mothers who struggle to earn $1 a day. The school, Casita Adonai provides a safe haven for these families and their children. Here is a picture of the children at Casita Adonai:

Lisa dreams of building a library for these children. She believes that by offering books, children and families will learn to read, and the cycle of poverty will begin to change.

Lisa has applied for a Kidermusik Good Beginnings Grant. If Lisa receives the most votes between now and Feb 9, she will receive $1000 to build a library at Casita Adonai in Guatemala.

Will you help change the world? It's easy!

1. Every day between January 5 and February 9, visit Kindermusik

2. Search for the project by name - Lisa Holbrook

3. Click on the Vote Button. . a window will pop up confirming your vote. If a window does not pop up, try clicking on the "View Details" Page and clicking Vote there. It really is easy!! And you can click that Vote button 10 times. 10 times a day until Feb 9th!!

Caroline's Promise is also looking for sponsors for 59 of the above kids. My Anna is going to sponsor a little girl and be her "big sister". So that means there are 58 left. It is only $35 a month. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please email Lisa at info{at}carolinespromise4u{dot}org or call her at 336-993-9046 or visit her Caroline's Promise website by clicking here.


  1. you can vote 10 times per day...i hope she wins!

  2. Just voted. Thanks for sharing so I could help this worthy cause.