Tuesday, February 1

Driving Galeta from Gimbie to the Capital

On Saturday we introduced Galeta and shared our reactions upon meeting him for the first time at the orphanage in Gimbie, Ethiopia. You can read that post here. The story continues....

After we picked up Galeta from the orphanage, we spent 12 hours in the van with Galeta and his 4 year old buddy, A-boy (2 hours on Sunday and 10 hours straight on Monday). We could not believe how well behaved these 2 were.

Under normal circumstance you could not pay us enough to drive all day with young kids. For our 4 children at home we bought one of those portable DVD players to take on any trip of 2 hours or more. The DVD player wasn't for the kids, it was for us... to maintain our sanity. Without it, the kids are too loud and rambunctious and fight too much. But not Galeta and A-boy.

Galeta and A-boy spent 10 hours quietly sitting, talking, looking out the window, and playing with their only toy, magna doodles we brought. We were utterly amazed and very pleased as this trip was hard on our bodies and as adults, we struggled. The roads were unbelievably bumpy and we had to twist and wind around potholes and other obstacles (like oxen!!).

On Monday evening, we arrived at the new orphanage in the capital city of Addis Ababa. We were quite concerned about this part of the trip. How would Galeta feel about being dropped off in this new home after meeting his new parents 30 hours earlier? Would he be confused, feel betrayed by his new parents, be scared of this unknown place, or wonder about the new language he was hearing (Galeta does not speak the national language)?

Suprisingly, Galeta seemed to meet this challenge with a great amount of comfort and understanding. He walked right in and joined the other boys and girls at the table for dinner. He seemed very unconcerned as we said good bye and left him in this unfamiliar place.

As we drove away from the orphanage we were filled with a great sense of peace and both commented to each other that Galeta was going to be ok!

More tomorrow about our visits with Galeta at the new orphanage.


  1. I am blinking back tears as I read this. This precious boy will soon be in his new family! Thanks so much for sharing this part of your story!

  2. I am so grateful that my A is not alone. I thank God for Galeta!

  3. How amazing - two young kids with such great attitudes and self-control. I'm so glad he didn't react to the new place in a way that would add stress to you guys. Can't wait until the next post!!

  4. more more more....

  5. I am in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. and having worked in Gimbie for a year I would love to adopt from my adopted town. I am hearing of an American lady called Monika who is running an orphanage here and would lovw it if you could help me by sending any contact details for her. I have lost contact with Sister mattie, an Acuadorian Catholic sister working in Gimbie, but am hopeful of gaining more contacts. Please e-mail me on kirstiejane70@yahoo.co.uk
    Thankyou for all your assistance