Thursday, September 2

A God Story and Another Chance To Win a Painting

For a story that will

encourage you in your faith,

remind you that God can do the impossible

shout that God had not forgotten the orphans and longs to place them in families,

allow you to come alongside a family in bringing home their 2 children from Liberia,

and give you another opportunity to win one of my In This Home paintings. . .click here.


  1. Love you Su! Praising God for the work He is doing through you! Hugs, Jill

  2. Thank you for sharing Su!!! We are so excited to see God working for THE DAY our miracle faith made fact!!

  3. Hi Su, Just wanted to drop in and learn of your adoption exciting to see God's hand in every step of your amazing journey. I will keep on following your story, it is a big blessing to me!

    btw, I've been getting so many compliments on my "In this Home" art... ( and referring more friends). It makes my heart glad every time I see it!