Thursday, August 26

Crazy Love Giveaway: Win an In This Home Painting

Many of you know that I have been creating In This Home paintings for others, similar to the one hanging over my fireplace. It is a joy to create these pieces for other families and each painting is such an encouragement to me because each painting brings us that much closer to bringing our son home from Ethiopia (and I promise my next post will be an update on where we are at in this adoption; it is long overdue!)

I wanted to let you know that Jill over at Forever n Ever n Always is hosting a giveaway of one of my paintings! I am really blown away; this mother of 9 (amazing photographer too!) ordered an In This Home painting for herself. Here it is:

Jill then decided to give away one of my paintings to a lucky winner. The lucky winner gets to pick out the colors, background, and "we do" statements, but Jill pays for it. That is some crazy love! Crazy Love spread to us Soutters, to our soon to be son, and to one lucky winner. Really, I think only God can prompt this kind of crazy love.

Go over to Jill's blog and browse around; click here to read Jill's post about the giveaway and enter!!! You have to enter today (Thurs 8/26) because the giveaway ends Friday, 8/27.


  1. First, I've missed your updates and so glad to have you back!

    And second, Jill is AWESOME and has become a true friend of mine!! Of course I've entered the giveaway...we'll see what comes of it!!

    Can't wait to hear your update!

  2. Su, I just received word from Jill that I was the winner of her giveaway and I am so excited. I can't wait to put your painting in our home. They are wonderful and so creative! I am looking forward to working with you. I also sent you an email, but wanted to leave a comment as well. Thanks so much!
    Grace to you,

  3. Oh, girl. You want to do another giveaway, you let me know!!

  4. Hey, I recognize that last one-- it looks awesome in our dining room! :-)