Monday, May 24

God Shows Up at the Mall

So here is my first Memorial Box Monday post. This God story just took place yesterday, Sunday, May 24, 2010. Click here if you missed my post about what a Memorial Box is.

I took my girls to Crabtree mall yesterday because Anna needed a specific top for her dance concert and she had a H&M gift card from her birthday to spend.

As we were fighting the crowds of H&M, trying on shirts, and my head was thumping to the loud music, a lady in a hot pink shirt came up to me and gently touched my arm.

I do not remember exactly what she said. . which is exactly why it is so important to write these God stories down soon after they occur. The lady seemed nervous and stumbled over her words, but said something like:

"I was over there with you when you were looking at the t-shirts and something in my gut told me to give something to you. So I am going to give it to you and walk away. Is that ok? Now don't come after me."

I was kinda taken aback and did not know what to say so I just uttered "ok". I cannot remember if I smiled or not. I was thinking she was gonna give me a tract or perhaps the phone #/website to some business proposition. She grabbed my hand and put some paper in it. I stuck it in my pocket and walked towards my girls.

In the corner of H&M, I looked at what she had given me. . it was $100.

And I looked for the bright hot pink shirt because I WAS gonna go after her.

I was gonna tell her about this little boy in Ethiopia that we are adopting and how we were asking God to provide for the adoption expenses and the plane tickets and a 12 passenger van. And I was gonna tell her that I thought her "gut feeling" was God and tell her that God still speaks today (maybe this lady knew that and she just said "gut feeling" as not to scare me off. . I do not know). Oh I wanted to tell her lots; I wanted to invite her to go get a pretzel with me and my girls.

I could not find her, but right there in H&M, with tears in my eyes, I said outloud, "Thank you God!"

Thru a lady in a bright pink top who had a "gut feeling", God whisperd to me. . "See, I have not forgotten that you are on this adoption journey. I am right here with you. I hear your prayers. I am going to provide." He spoke encouragement to my soul.

And so a H&M logo will go in our Memorial Box to remind us that God can show up anywhere. . even at the mall.

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  1. How amazing is our God! I hope the lady in the hot pink shirt will somehow someday know how God used her to provide very specific needs.

  2. OH!!!!! I am in tears!!!!!! What an amazing incredible is God????? I love that in doing this He also created another beautiful story for you to tell your son about how God brought him into yoru family....ohhhhh! I just love it!!!

  3. loveloveLOVE GOD stories!!!!! And, YESSSSS, He does provide! :)) I know it firsthand & you do too!! :D

  4. Yay God!! What an awesome story!

  5. Su,
    Thank you for sharing how God is at work in your family! What a beautiful testimony of His faithful care for you!

  6. that totally made me cry. HE IS FAITHFUL!!!
    I love love love your work and if we weren't pinching pennies for our own adoption, I would TOTALLY buy one...and make the drive to get it in person.

  7. Hi,
    I am READY, READY , READY to order but I can't get your email to work. Can you email me at arewethereyetla5[at]verizon[dot]net and let me know what I need to do to get started. I have a crazy weekend so it may take me a little bit to get back to you.


  8. Thank you thank you for that God story! I was immensely encouraged!!!