Tuesday, April 13

I am constantly amazed. . .update on prayer request

I am so excited!! I just wrote this post at 2:45 pm today asking for prayer for our homestudy. I do not know if any of you had the chance to even read it yet.

After I wrote the post, I got on the couch and prayed. Prayed for our social worker. Prayed that our homestudy would get emailed to our agency for review today.

Rob and Anna walked in around 3:40. I stopped praying and painted Anna's nails and heard about Anna and Rob's day. Rob left to skateboard and I checked the computer.

Our social worker emailed the final draft of our homestudy at 3:59pm!!! About 15 minutes after I had asked God to intervene.

I reviewed the homestudy. Our social worker made some corrections and at 5:51 our homestudy was emailed to our adoption agency for review.

3 hours! I am constantly amazed by the power of God. I am constantly amazed that He allows us to be a part of His plan. He could have done all this without us but He allowed you and I to participate through prayer. God is good.


  1. Su,
    We join you in praising God for this wonderful and timely answer to prayer!
    Amy G.

  2. Hi there!!!!
    Thank you SO much for visiting my blog!!!! I am sooooo happy for you and your family and your upcoming additional blessings in your family!

    I LOVE adoption and talking about adoption. I'm going to read more about your journey here and will definitely pray as I read!!

    Mrs. U